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Plant based water is an alternative water that is gentler on the environment. It promotes absorption and hydration and has been known to soothe sensitive and irritated skin. Our choice of plant based water is a fresh, naturally fermented, clear, and uncolored liquid that brightens, hydrates and encourages cell turnover. It contains heterosides (an active ingredient targeting the moisture lock, reinforcing the barrier function for a smoothing and an anti-wrinkle effect), 17 amino acids, including glutamic acid, minerals, enzymes, proteins, betullinic acid, potassium, antioxidant, and vitamins C & B.

Botanicals are powerful plant extracts and oils derived from herbs, roots, flowers, fruits, leaves and seeds. Since ancient times, plants have been used to form the basis of medical treatments, soothe, protect from insects and as fragrance oil for imparting odor. Used in skin care products, they address concerns like hyperpigmentation, redness, aging and aid in keeping our complexion looking naturally radiant. If the process is performed correctly, a pure extraction can provide many natural properties, like antioxidants, of the plant, in both liquid and powdered form. Because the skin can only absorb so much at a time, only a small amount is needed in a formula for maximum benefits and results. We only use botanical plants that come from high quality environments and extracted with no harsh chemicals.

Spices come from flowers, fruits, seeds, barks and roots typically found in tropical and exotic plants that dates back to the early Egyptians who primarily used them as natural medicinal remedies. Along the way, they’ve been used as food preservers, add flavor to dishes, heal internal ailments, scent lotions and perfumes and in cosmetic and skin care products. They are packed with a host of beneficial antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agents that are known to revitalize skin cells, treat hyperpig­mentation, detoxify and stimulate circulation and cell regeneration, which is why we use them in our brand. The spices used in our products are naturally grown and extracted and come from all corners of the world.

Carrier oils also known as base oil or vegetable oil and are derived from the fatty portion of a plant’s kernels, seeds or nuts. Most carrier oils are unscented or lightly scented (do not contain a concentrated aroma) and do not evaporate like essential oils. They are known to contain minerals, fat-soluble vitamins and other nutrients that nourish and moisturize the skin. We use naturally and unadulterated carrier oils in our skincare products. We look for oils that are cold-pressed, 100% pure, and unrefined with no additive or preservative. This method of extraction retains their richness and strength. We make sure that our suppliers’ oils are organically grow, ethically extracted, and of USDA quality.

Superfoods are common foods that have high levels of valuable ingredients. The most prevalent superfoods are fruits and vegetables, with the occasional nut or seed, which contains more nutritional value. They are nutritionally dense foods that supply skin with a broad mix of antioxidants, vitamin C, collagen, amino acids, and other vital replenishing ingredients geared to enrich and strengthen the skin’s surface. If there’s ever such a thing as achieving natural beauty from your skincare regime, using products that contain superfoods in them is it. Like other ingredients we use in our products, we seek out organically grown, pesticide free, and USDA grade foods by creditable and eco-friendly supplier.

the company

swyrv is a one woman-owned, small business founded in 2016. The company was inspired by a big-to-little sister moment. It was created on the premise that skin care should be simple, uncomplicated, and should work in unison with the body’s natural elements when using the earth’s natural resources. Despite numerous obstacles, barriers, disappointments, and failures, through perseverance, faith, and hard work, swyrv has finally come into full bloom. There’s been countless amount of time and effort put forth towards researching, formulating, and experimenting with various combinations of ingredients in order to set a standard of quality and effectiveness of our brand.

Welcome to swyrv. I hope that you find as much excitement in using swyrv products as I have in creating them.

the owner & founder

My name is Leigh M. McGinest, owner and founder of swyrv, llc. I’m a mother of three, Vegetarian/Pescatarian, Humanitarian, and a rising Entrepreneur. swyrv is a dream come true. As a little girl, one day, I watched as my big sister put egg white on her face and the outcome that proceeded. To me, it was the best thing since the creation of bubble gum and popsicles. Like the curiosity and excitability of a little girl playing in her mother’s makeup, I shared that same exact sentiment when I, literally, played in food. From that moment, that day, that experience, I ventured upon a revelation and skincare became my passion. A passion that turned into a dream, a dream that has become my reality of one day owning my very own skincare brand.

“Skincare has been my passion since I was a little girl. swyrv is a promised honored and a dream come true.”